Kenyan transportation

I know wat is expected of us is that we shouldn’t enter a vehicle filled to capacity. Since cops look the other way, us passengers who are in a hurry, just get into this vehicles.
Today I was traveling to some small rural town. It takes two hours for a car to have enough passengers,n since a bus was just leaving, I opted to enter it than wait that long. I was given a plank of wood to sit on between two sits.
The journey was boring and dusty and painfully long. I read afew online novels n poems until my battery threatened to die on me. Because I didn’t know where exacting was going I chose to preserve the last bar of charge for when I get there.I entertained myself by you know going to my happy place for an hour but I think even their couldn’t me for this journey.
so I had to face the fact that I was being squeezed to death by two people, so started observing my surroundings.that’s when I discovered I was sitting between two hunks and because we were squeezed together I was leaning one’s biceps, I couldn’t help myself! It was just to tempting, wrong but I just couldn’t stop. I had to feel that torso.     (Will continue )    


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